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                 Unique charming cityand beautiful livable environmentLocation: Yangzhou is located in thecentral part of Jiangsu Province, at the intersection of the Yang...

                Investment Guide

                I. DistinctiveCity Charm and Pretty, Livable Environment Location: Yangzhou stands at the junction of the Yangtze River and the GrandCanal in central Jiangsu Province, serving as an important nodal city in theEconomic Circle of the Yangtze River Delta and ...

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                4·18 Flowery March

                  on april 18, 2013 international bonsai convention was held in yangzhou during the flowery march international economic, trade and tourism festival. 200 pots of fine bonsai from all over the world were displayed in the song jiacheng ruins park together with 100 pieces of stone appreciation wo...

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                9·26 Canal city of Yangzhou,World Expo

                   on the morning of september 26, 2013 china yangzhou world canal cities expo had a grand opening. themed on “water ecology, water civilization and renowned cities”, it gathered nearly 400 representatives and experts from 5 international organizations, 16 world canal cities and 35 cities a...

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                add: no. 8, fengle streets of yangzhou city
                tel: 400-7100-400
                add: no.18 wenchang road of yangzhoucity international trade building
                tel: 0514-87859332
                add: no.8, wenchang road of yangzhou city
                tel: 0514-87782308